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 SHI mlkrydhpouomr

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MessageSujet: SHI mlkrydhpouomr   Sam 15 Aoû - 11:05

Nom :
Autres noms, surnoms :
Titre :
Race :
Age :
Formes alternatives :
Musique thème :

Date de naissance :
Lieu de naissance :
Ville de résidence :

Date de mort :
Age à la mort :
Lieu de mort :
Lieu d'enterrement :
Cause de la mort :
Derniers mots :

Objectif premier :
Objectifs secondaires : /

Désirs :
Secrets :
Différences :

Langages parlés :
Attraits :
Habilités :
Inhabilités :
Tempérament :
Hobbies :

Aptitudes logiques/mathématiques :
Aptitude d'imagination :
Aptitudes linguistiques :
Aptitudes physiques :
Aptitudes musicales :
Aptitudes sociales interpersonnelles :
Aptitudes sociales intrapersonnelles :
Rapports à la nature :
Rapports existentiels :

Mœurs : (What divides your character's definition of good and bad? TVTropes has some good tropes on this here.)
Perception : (How do they perceive their situations? Optimistically? Pessimistically? Sadistically? Masochistically? Ideally? Realistically? You might answer by having them tell whether 'the glass is half empty or half full', and each of these perceptions should give a different answer.)

Religion : (What religion does your character identify with? Christianity? Atheism? Pastafarianism?)
Superstitions : (What superstitions does your character subscribe to? Throw salt over your shoulder to relieve bad juju? Your ancestors are watching over you? Dancing like a monkey gives you monkey-like powers?)
Vertus : (Does your character exhibit Chastity, Charity, Temperance, Diligence, Humility, Kindness, Patience, or Justice? Only the 8 listed should be used, but more than one can be used.)
Vices : (Does your character exhibit Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Pride, Envy, Wrath, or Despair? Only the 8 listed should be used, and only the ones whose opposites are not listed above should be used.)

Pouvoir : (What is the name of your character's power? Sonic Scream? Reactive Adaptation? Toxic Flatulence?)
Détails :
Forces :
Faiblesses :
Restrictions : (What can't they do with their power or what balances it? They can only use it when they genuinely need it? They can't use it for more then five minutes without serious side-effects? It gives them intense gas and no one wants to be around them?)

Aime : (What kinds of things does your character like? Dogs? Pizza? Alfred Hitchcock?)
N'aime pas : (What kinds of things does your character no like? People? Burgers? Angry Birds?)

Équipement : (What equipment does your character carry with them? A gourd? A toolbox? A bag of hair?)
Style vestimentaire : (What kind of clothing does your character have? Mostly jocky? Half goth and half average? Nerdy?)

Stabilité émotionnelle : (How much emotional inflictions can your character take before they break? Lots? None at all? Negative amounts?)
Humour : (What does your character think is funny? Blond jokes? Death? Farting?)
Réputation : (How is your character viewed by their peers? Are they held in high esteem? Do they think he's pure stupid? Do they think he's an alien?)
Statut social : (What is their social status? Quiet? Popular? Dead?)

Diplômes : (What college degrees does your character have? Bachelor's? Doctorate? None?)
Éducation : (How much education has your character received? Up to middle school? College graduate? Everything from elementary school to martial arts of every kind?)
Écoles : (What elementary, middle, high schools, and colleges and universities did your character go? Manzanita Elementary and North Valley High? Jerry Springer Private School? None?)
Manière d'étudier : (How often does your character study and how thoroughly? Every free hour? Not at all? They have someone else study for them somehow?)
Type : (Is your character a Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic learner?)

Travail : (What does you character do for a living? Graphic design? Write books? Star as the buttmonkey in a kid's show?)
Patron : (What person or people is your character taking orders from or working for? Bill Gates? Admiral Hood? Mr. Pickles?)
Calendrier de travail :
Salaire : (How much does your character make per hour and per year? $12/hour and $24000/year? $8/hour and $14000 a year? $75/hour and $52500/year?)

Famille proche : (Who are the relatives your character sees everyday or saw everyday growing up? Parents? Siblings? Children? Adopted parents?)
Famille au deuxième degré : (Who are the relatives of your character that are only separated by one degree of blood difference? Uncles? Grandparents? Grandchildren?)
Famille au troisième degré et plus : (Who are the people your character is related to, but not at all closely? Grandparents-in-law? Great granduncle? Twenty-seventh cousin, 88 times removed?)
Ancêtres : (Who are some important ancestors in your character's family? Their great great granduncle? Them in a past life? Alexander the Great?)

Alliés : (Who or what company does your character and/or their company work with or fight alongside? Edgar Wicklow? McDonald's? The mafia?)
Ennemis : (Who is it that your character is always fighting or that they have set out to destroy? The Man in Black? Wally Wickenshield? The entire naked mole rat species?)
Modèle de : (Who follows your character and is inspired by them or tries to copy them? That one annoying kid? Their friends? Their enemies?)
Amis : (Who does your character feel safe with and could trust in a time of need? Barry Barrington? Veridian City? The Laz Group?)
Modèles : (Who does your character look up to? Superman? Firemen? Hobos?)
Animaux : (What animals (or in some cases, people) does your character keep under their rule? A dog? A ferret? An alien?)
Rivaux : (Who is your character on good terms with, but is constantly in direct competition with? Their best friend? Their bigger brother? The smart kid in class?)

Taille : cm
Poids : ( kg)
Nationalité :
Couleur de peau/fourrure :
Couleur de cheveux :
Longueur de cheveux :
Couleur des yeux :
Longueur de la queue :
Couleur de la queue :
Cicatrices :
Tatouages :
Piercings :
Locomotion : (Plantigrade, digitigrade, or unguligrade)

Addictions :
Handicaps :

Sexe :
Orientation sexuelle :
Personne aimée :

Anima : (How does your character act when they are really being their self?)
Persona : (How does your character act to hide their real self?)

Caractère :

Enfance- bébé : (What was you character's life like from age 0 to age 3?)
Enfance : (What was your character's life like from age 4 to age 12?)
Adolescence : (What was your character's life like from age 13 to age 19?)
Vie adulte : (What was your character's life like from age 20 to age 54?)
Vie sénior : (What was your character's life like from age 55 until death?)
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